PC – Mortyr 2093 – 1944

Mortyr 2093-1944, also know to be as Mortyr, is a first person shooting computer game developed by Polish developer Mirage Media and published by Interplay. The game was first released on August 30, 1999 for Microsoft Windows.

The game have gone via few conceptual changes before the placing for the time touring traveling World War II shooter changed into settled on. It to begin with started out development as Netguard which changed into to be a technological know-how fiction detective tale, and shortly after it restarted development as a psychological horror sport known as madness earlier than deciding on a international World War II game.


SaveGame File Details
  • Description – The game is completed 100%. Saves with different progress.
  • Author – Unknown

Download 100% PC Save for Mortyr 2093 – 1944

Installation Procedure:

  1. Download save file from the download button given below
  2. Extract the .rar file archive
  3. Save the file to the respective savegames folder location. The location is given below and in the archive
  4. Make a backup of your game save before adding!

Mortyr 2093 – 1944 save file location

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mortyr\DATA

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