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It was first released for early access on 1st February 2016, since then Factorio has gained significant popularity. Fans eagerly wait for its official release in September later this year. Factorio is in the genre of construction and management and it has been purchased by over 1,500,00 people so far.

The player is given a task of an engineer and from a birds-eye perspective who has now crashed and stranded on a mysterious planet. The player must find resources to create tools to build a rocket and eventually move away from the planet.


SaveGame File Details
  • Description – Game is completed 100%, all you have to do is send a rocket to finish the game
  • Author – Kompmaster

Download 100% PC Save for Factorio

Installation Procedure:

  1. Download save file from the download button given below
  2. Extract the .rar file archive
  3. Save the file to the respective savegames folder location. The location is given below and in the archive
  4. Make a backup of your game save before adding!

Factorio save file location

  • Example – C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\Saves
  • Example – C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Factorio\saves

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